6 types of content that can boost your web traffic

We all know that great content is imperative for effective Content Marketing. Content comes in different forms – text, image, video, and audio. A good mix of content is required to attract leads from various arenas online. Here are 6 types of content that attract leads and help boost your web traffic:


Informative Blogs
Blogs are an integral and elementary part of all Content Strategies. Blogs let you publish informative content in short and long forms. You can publish them on your own website and add links to your affiliate websites or other pages of your website. You can publish blogs on other popular blog platforms like WordPress, Medium and Wix and connect those pages on your website. These blogs are usually shared on social media platforms as lead magnets. Good quality content that offers unique information to the readers, rather than marketing content, will prove to be assets to attract public interest. These also help your website to improve your SEO and SERP ranks.

Guest Posts
Posting informative content on very popular platforms and online magazines will also offer you a wider audience. These are desirable for B2B websites whose target audiences are decision-makers. Typically, good websites that attract CEOs, Directors and other decision makers do not entertain purely marketing content on their websites. They would publish only quality content from accomplished writers who are approved by them and registered with them. They would allow one backlink to your website that websites cash in. An accomplished Content Marketing Company will cash in on this lead magnet by offering to publish quality content as guest posts on reputed B2B websites that are popular for your industry.

Infographics are a great way to convey serious messages in a very subtle way. Infographics convey what the organization wants to convey in an image format that’s easy to understand and is sharable. Your digital content strategy must have quality infographics that can be shared on popular social media platforms with your digital imprints which will attract rich audiences.

YouTube Videos
With LinkedIn and Facebook offering to publish videos that are going viral, businesses are fast adopting the strategy of publishing and utilizing YouTube videos for marketing. How-to videos on YouTube are getting very popular and being shared fairly on popular social media networks. Companies can create such interesting videos with their branding to publish on social media networks. Live videos on Facebook are considered the most engaging ones. Important events are covered on Facebook through live videos to get maximum engagement from interested customers. They also help in getting instant response from the viewers.

Social Media Content
Even though the blogs, guest posts, videos and infographics can be shared on social media networks, accomplished content management strategy will include special content created for social media sharing. Short-form content is what works best on social media networks. Catchy content like advertising copies, but those related to your business will prove to be lead magnets. Hashtags and image make content more visible on social media networks.

User-Generated Content
This will prove to be the best and most effective content to market. User-generated content is nothing but the positive feedback and reviews given by the customers. As far as a customer is concerned, he/she would prefer to trust what another customer has to say about the brand rather than what the company says. This is customer psychology and works well with all types of businesses. In fact, Content Marketing Companies in Kochi will suggest the business to use positive reviews to share on popular social media networks and for marketing campaigns to attract more customers. User-generated content is given weight in SEO ranking too.

Overall, quality content in different forms and styles are required to attract leads. Since the World Wide Web is a vast playground with numerous players from across the globe, only the right mix of quality content should be shared with specific media to attract leads. Entertainment may not work as well on professional networking sites such as LinkedIn though it works well on Facebook. Informative content that adds value to the audience will be more preferred on LinkedIn and other professional platforms. Thus, the right choice of a variety of quality content is a must for effective content marketing. That’s why we say, Content is God!

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