6 Ways To Attract Better Digital Traffic

Once you decide to take your business online, you begin a whole new journey of waiting for more web traffic. All your focus gets on to how to attract more people to visit your website. With millions of websites being updated every day on the World Wide Web, getting on top of the Search Engine Page Results is no cake walk. While there are many paid ways to gain better Digital Traffic, here are some solid tips to drive quality traffic to your website for free:

Revamp your Blogs

Digital Traffic
Make Your Content More Relevant

If you have blog posts on your websites that were published sometime back, revamp them by making them more relevant to the current scenario. That’s a quick way to get more attention and remain relevant in the current market. Check the content quality, remove what’s not relevant anymore to your business and the current market trends, add a few points that are more relevant now and your blog post is readily refurbished. Look out for the relevance of SEO Keywords during the process of revamping the old posts for improved digital traffic.

Reshape your Digital Content

Multi-media Content
Text, Image, Audio & Video Content

Old wine in new bottle is still enticing! Another interesting and tactical way to reuse your existing content is to reshape it into different forms that are more accepted in the current market by your target audience. Nowadays, image and video contents are more preferred over text because they are easier to understand and take lesser time to devour. Videos are more engaging than ever in the current market trends. Create an animated or explainer video out of your existing text content to engage better with your target audience. Creative representation of communications with images and infographics is also proven to be more attractive. You can also create audio podcasts if it is relevant to your target market and your digital audience would prefer that.

Make Use of User-Generated Content

User-Generated Content

User-generated content is of critical value to all brands. Businesses should use Google and Social Media reviews to benefit from user-generated content. User-generated content is nothing but the feedback and reviews from your esteemed clients. Coming from them, it holds critical value to the brand and should be used for promoting your brand value. Your target audience would prefer to trust what your client says rather than what you as a brand has to say. Hence, make the most of user-generated content to gain quality digital traffic to your website.

Optimize for Mobile Digital Traffic

Optimize for Mobile

Mobile phones have become the major source of web traffic in the recent years. Thanks to the advanced mobile technologies and ultra-fast WiFi internet network available, more consumers are using their smartphones to access information. Mobile phones being small, the way you search or the keywords you may use to search for information could be different. Optimizing your website and content for the mobile is important if you don’t want to lose out the important mobile audience.

Influencer Marketing

Influencer Marketing

People are talking about various brands and activities every day on the social media. They are trying to promote ideas and products manufactured by 3rd parties. The influencers are important because they are experts in their target area and have a huge following whom they can influence. Influencer marketing is effective when you want to increase brand awareness.

Long Form Quality Content

Long-form Content Ranks better

Even though short-form content such as web and ad copy are more attractive to the current generation, long-form content with the right keywords can get your brand quality leads. If your website does not have long-form content, it’s time to add quality content in the long-form to gain better SEO and SERP ranks and to retain customer attention for longer, as they read, listen or view the same.

So that’s how you get people who matter to your brand to visit your website. How did we figure it out? We are in the business of crafting digital brand identities and driving quality traffic to increase brand awareness and brand loyalty for over a year. Having dealt with many brands new and old, we are sharing information from our experience and expertise. If you want to gain from our experience, feel free to talk to us or shoot an email right away to info@impactus.in.

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