How does Artificial Intelligence matter Digital Marketing?

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Technology innovations are steering businesses progressively in many ways. Artificial Intelligence is one such technology that’s currently evolving fast. Artificial Intelligence or AI is a technology that empowers machines to think on its own and take intelligent decisions based on changing environment. AI is capable of decision making which is a giant leap from what we are currently used to. This along with various other technologies such as Machine Learning, Natural Language Processing and Data Analytics can bring about huge changes in the way you conduct your business. Of the various benefits AI offer to businesses, we are discussing how AI influences Digital marketing agencies. As more companies now depend upon digital marketing to reach out to a larger audience, let us analyze how AI helps digital marketing to succeed:

AI and Digital Marketing

Even though AI is still an evolving technology, Digital Marketing is already benefiting from its varied features. While Machine Learning and Deep Learning offers valuable insights on customer behavior patterns, Natural Language Processing helps it to understand and analyze the voice searches and other unconventional search patterns which seemed impossible a few years before. Here are some interesting aspects of AI that helps digital marketers:

Haven’t you been welcomed by a chatbot recently? Remember the Facebook business page that pops up immediately as you visit with a welcome message on messenger? That’s a chatbot and AI is the technology behind it. Many websites are using intelligent chatbots to engage users and to pass on valuable information. Just as the user is receiving information, they are also passing on information to the chatbot which it uses to decide upon the next course of action. Since many businesses are aiming at achieving a global presence, with increasing expenses and different time-zones, the Digital Marketing company can install a chatbot instead. The chatbot will keep the user busy with questions and answers on your website till your human customer representative is ready to take the call.

Data Analytics
There’s huge volumes of information available on social media networks and the World Wide Web. This includes details regarding the potential leads, customers, their purchase patterns and more. There’s too much data which can be quite confusing. Data analytics offers a comprehensive study of the various patterns following by these people in daily routine. It tells the marketers what customers have been looking for lately and what they have been purchasing. With AI, they can even find out what made them make that purchase decision. Such details help the marketers to focus on the elements that persuades the leads to convert and the customers to stay loyal.

Predictive Analytics
Predictive analytics puts the information gained by the AI and digital marketer into action. It combines data mining, deep learning and machine learning to come up with future predictions. Digital marketers can make use of historical customer data to predict their future purchase patterns and target more potential leads at the right time.

Audience Insights
Audience insights are a great way to understand your intended audience’s behavior patterns and what interests them. The leading digital marketing companies in Kochi make use of the audience insights offered by leading social media networks such as Facebook to understand how effective previous campaigns have fared. Based on this information, the digital marketers can devise winning strategies.

AI Generated Content
AI can help to generate content based on NLP and Machine Learning. This content would be more likely able to attract potential leads and customers since large volumes of data are and customer’s reactions to them are closely analyzed before generating such content. Such content can prove to be excellent lead magnets.

Personalized User Experience
User experience can make a huge difference to conversions. Online Marketing does not only involve marketing your content and website on social media networks and other online media. It should ideally start from your website. Lead generation is only one aspect of digital marketing. The leads that reach your website should ultimately convert into customers. This is made possible with compelling onsite content, easy navigation and personalized user experience. AI automatically personalizes your customer’s user experience based on their previous browsing data and purchase decisions.

Search Engine for Voice Searches
The Internet Marketing Companies depend heavily upon Search Engine Optimization to get more traffic to your website. With more users preferring mobile and voice searches for information, it becomes necessary for your website to be optimized for voice and mobile searches. NLP offers excellent insights on popular voice searches. It also helps with the typical Google searches offering more flexible options. More informal and unconventional search keywords can now be identified for each context now with the help of AI. It also helps with improved image searches.

Artificial Intelligence is definitely the way forward for effective Digital Marketing. Most of the options given above are already being used for improved lead generation and conversions. As we mentioned earlier, it is an evolving technology and hence, we will see more of AI in Digital Marketing in the coming years.

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