Local SEO matters & here’s why ?

Have you noticed that when you search for a certain business or some keywords, the local pages are listed first even if they are not as popular outside the region? This is because the pages have been geographically tagged for Local SEO. Researches reveal that 46% of all Google searches are local and 78% of local searches result in offline purchases. Local SEO is very important because Google lists the local pages first and then only considers the other pages. Here are some interesting reasons for your SEO Company to insist on geotagging your website and page for local SEO:

Geotagging for Precise Targeting
If you have a business that has local presence but is more focused on global audience, local SEO will rank it better locally which will boost its global SEO rank. An experienced SEO Services provider will tag your business in Google My Business page for all locations that your business represents. This along with the correct and complete address and phone number will help you geotag your business for local SEO. Once your business address is verified by Google, your business will appear in the top for all local searches.

Mobile and Desktop Target
Most of the mobile users tend to search for local businesses using their mobile. When the SEO agencies in Kerala geotags your business for specific locations, your business will appear more on local searches on mobile and desktop. Incidentally, the mobile web traffic is increasing steadily and also the conversions through mobile are also increasing.

Better ROI
One of the major advantages of digital marketing is that it offers a cost-effective and measurable method to reach out to a larger audience. With local SEO, your business can achieve better ROI since you will get preference in all local searches. Moreover, local tagging is free on most of the popular search engines as of now. This increases your visibility in local searches.

Take advantage of Local Reviews
A competent SEO Company in Kochi can help your business to get genuine local reviews. Customer reviews are user-generated content which is a great way to boost your visibility and trust. Online reviews, especially from local clients, are considered highly trustable by the prospective customers. These also help boost your SEO and SERP ranks as customer reviews are given higher brownie points by search engines.

Social Media Sharing
Local SEO also offers a higher rate of social media sharing. Local pages are automatically recommended by the social media networks. This further increases your business’ online visibility. Since social media networks such as Facebook and Instagram are major lead magnets, local SEO will prove to be a highly effective technique to boost your online visibility and brand image.

All businesses should include local SEO in their digital marketing SEO Strategies to make sure that their business can take full advantage of its location and local clients. You need to geotag your website, add relevant links along with relevant keywords on all online directories, get local client reviews and make sure that all your citations are consistent to build local SEO.

Local SEO helps you gain better local visibility and also boost SERP and SEO ranks. Google and other search engines will give preference to local pages first before listing the other websites on keyword searches.

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