The Power of Facebook Marketing

Facebook is undoubtedly the most popular social media network that offers amazing results across the world and across a range of users. It has over 1-billion daily active users and the numbers keep increasing steadily. On average, users spend 20 to 35 minutes on Facebook on a daily basis. With such and audience-base, Facebook is definitely one of the most potential lead magnets available on the internet. That’s the reason Facebook marketing is one of the most preferred Social Media Marketing strategies adopted by consumer brands world over. Here’s a sneak peek into the various tools and techniques used in Facebook marketing for businesses.


Businesses and professionals can create pages in Facebook and use it to publish their content and engage with the audience. One of the major advantages of social media networks is that, when one person likes or engages in a public conversation on a page, it can be viewed by all the contacts following that person. On an average, if you take a person with 500 contacts on Facebook, every like or engagement on a public page by that person will be open to all of his/her 500 contacts. Considering the fact that, 1.4 million users log in to Facebook every day, imagine the potential it unleashes for the brand! That’s exactly what Social Media Marketing Companies try to utilize.

Pages let you engage your audience with different types of content such as text, audio, video and images. You can also ask questions, ask for recommendations, create opinion polls and keep the audience engaged. The golden rule is not to post spam on business pages. You can use your page to interact closely with your target audience. Pages provide in-depth statistics which can be used to understand the audience or customer behavior and engagement patterns. Using this information, you can strategize better marketing campaigns.


You can create paid advertisements on Facebook. The sponsored ads or posts offer very good reach for brand identity and customer engagement. They can also act as lead magnets. Accomplished Social Media Companies in Kochi will be able to set the target audience diligently which will offer outstanding results. Facebook ads are most preferred these days because of its low cost, high effectiveness, measurability and flexibility. Facebook allows you to create different types of advertisements such as:
Link Click
Page post boost
Dynamic Product
Page Like
Page posts Photos,Videos and Text
Local Awareness

We will be discussing these in detail in another post. Facebook ads can be customized for best results. Facebook Marketing is undoubtedly one of the most popular and cost-effective social media marketing methods used by all businesses.


Facebook groups are another great way to engage with a target audience. You need to have an admin or a team that functions as admin to manage the group to post engaging content and keeps it live. Make sure that only relevant and informative content is posted. Nobody would want to join a marketing group to view advertisements. Group management is another effective social media marketing strategy to boost your brand image and to engage directly with the audience.

Apart from the pages, paid advertisements and groups, you can use the following techniques for lead generation on Facebook.



Even though hashtags are more popular on twitter, it helps to tag your content to the context and make it more popular. Hashtags are like keywords to social media! You can attract more leads when your content is tagged properly.


Facebook Live
Facebook live videos not only attract huge interest among the Facebook users, they also help you engage live with the audience. Businesses can use Facebook Live feature to broadcast special events and to make announcements. Sometimes, brands go Live just to keep their audience engaged which works wonders for the brand.



Instagram integration
Did you know that Facebook allows Instagram integration? Did you know how effective it is? Instagram has over 75 million daily users. Once integrated, your Facebook ads will also be posted on Instagram too automatically. Look at the combined effect Facebook and Instagram can offer you as leads!


Messenger Bots
Thanks to artificial intelligence, you can now engage chatbots on your messenger for your business account to interact with the customers instantly. Faster response to chats will result in better customer engagement which will also improve the conversion rate.


So, if your brand is not yet on Facebook, it’s high time you engage an accomplished Social Media Marketing company to make the most of Facebook as a lead magnet and for customer engagement.

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